Frequently Asked Questions

What control panel will my server run on?

All of our servers run on a modified version of the Pterodactyl Panel.

What happens when I reach the storage limit of my server?

A servers disk storage capacity can be increase at any time for free by sending us an email.

Can I get an entire dedicated machine for myself?

If you feel your server might need an entire machine, feel free to contact us at for a quote.

Are servers available for other games?

Currently Curia Hosting only offers Minecraft and Rust servers, other games are not yet available.

What will happen to my server if I miss a payment?

You will receive multiple emails from PayFast over several days before your server will be disabled. If, after 7 days, you still have not paid for your server it will be deleted. Feel free to contact us before this to request an extension.

How can I cancel my service?

Your service can be cancelled at any time by sending us an email. There are no cancellation fees, and your server will usually be cancelled within the same day.

How many backups can I make?

You may only have 6 backups at any given time. If you reach 6 backups, the oldest backup will be overwritten by each newer backup. Important backups can be preserved by "locking" them.

What happens if I overuse the shared resources?

If your server is found to be abusing the shared resources in such a way that interferes with other servers on the same node, your usage may be throttled. Short bursts of high intensity CPU usage, such as generating new chunks using an Elytra or creative/spectator mode does not qualify as abuse. However consistent and severe CPU usage would count as abuse. We have, to date, not had any instance of abusive resource use.